Sunday, August 9, 2009

Questions for book clubs

In the novel, we follow Grace and her participation in a book club. It follows therefore that book clubs should get some special attention!

Here are a few questions that might be fun for a book club discussion:

1) Grace's world is unrelentingly self-centered. How much of a problem is this for a relationship (i.e. both family and friends)? Is it worse for a man or a woman?
2) Can Grace be rescued by her wit, by the fact that she does take responsibility for herself, or by something else entirely?
3) Was there ever anyone in school you wanted to be friends with but couldn't be?
4) Do you think Grace is believable as a mother? Is it possible for her to redeem herself in her children's eyes?
5) Why did Grace ignore all of the clues she came across about Victor?
6) Do you think it was reasonable of Grace's husband to help her out of her relationship with Victor? Would you have made the same decision?
7) Have you ever had a friend whose life you envied like Grace envied April's? If so how did you deal with it?
8) If there were a sequel to Aging with Grace, what would you hope to see happen to Grace and her family? Do you think that her recent experience made an impact on how she will lead her life in the future?
9) If she was nice to you, could you be Grace's friend?
10) Being tempted with the promise of excitement can be flattering and fun. Was there ever a time you were tempted to do something risqué and then regretted not doing it?

Stay tuned to this blog for more news about the book and more ideas for book clubs. Feel free to post on this forum with your thoughts!

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